Whiteboards are usually of three times, one of which is the traditional whiteboard hung on the walls of classrooms. They are glossy and markers pens are used to write on them. Next in line, we have the web whiteboards, which allow teachers and students to interact on the same online whiteboard web page at the same time from any device. Lastly, we have an online whiteboard is a space utilized by both teachers and students to interact with each other via the internet in real-time.

A web whiteboard can be displayed in a physical classroom with a simple projector, however, this type of whiteboard is cost-effective, and not every school can afford it. 

An online whiteboard is hosted on a private page on the internet which enables the teacher to view who all have joined the meeting and also allows the student who can participate at a time

It can be predicted that in the future better whiteboards will come to access which will already be installed with all the curated contents, and will have a lot of special features, such as learning any language as a second language, Mathematics, Science, professional lesson templates, School Management System, and many more. They will probably be able to automatically detect errors, track data for comparative reporting, and will enable us to do peer work and more.