5 Benefits of School Attendance Management System

School Attendance Management

Are you still using the traditional method for taking attendance? If yes, you are yet to know about this easy-to-use online school attendance management system by eduTinker.

We all know that managing attendance plays an important role in all educational institutions like colleges, schools, and coaching centres and is a very mundane task to manage thousands of students’ attendance. Daily, we do not give it that much importance, but we will notice that it takes a lot of time if we think about it. Do you agree?

Not anymore! eduTinker provides the best online attendance management system that helps simplify your life. It helps to maintain a quick and accurate record of every student offers timely records and summaries when required while maintaining optimum punctuality.

Benefits of school attendance management system:


While taking students’ attendance, manually calling out the names and registering them in files makes daily attendance tiresome for the schooling authorities. With the use of eduTinker’s school attendance software, they will not have to face this problem anymore as it ensures accurate time records and minimizes the errors in their data.


Monitoring and managing attendance manually is undoubtedly a time-consuming task for the authorities. It takes time to process hard copy documentation. With eduTinker’s online attendance management, teachers can maintain attendance records in no time and dwell more of their time towards developing unique personalities in schools.

Improve punctuality

eduTinker’s school attendance software ensures the student’s punctuality and confirms that the arrival time of every student is rightly recorded and monitored. Having a readily available database in the software ensures that nothing is missed. The students can also be made aware of the shortfalls to maintain a punctual image well in advance.

Accessible to access & user friendly

The faculty can manage the attendance management system easily. Data storage and recovery are fast and secure. Schooling authorities can quickly generate the records in whichever way they want. It is easy to get daily, weekly, and monthly attendance records.

Work smoothly

Online school attendance management systems have a smooth and user-friendly interface that results in the smooth functioning of the software, whether you maintain your attendance data on any device, be it a laptop or a mobile. This aids the schooling authorities to maintain an error-free database for every student’s attendance records.

A school attendance management system is an essential requirement for schools, and eduTinker’s attendance management software frees the school authorities from the tiresome task of attendance management, ultimately saving their time and effort in maintaining essential records. With the pandemic disrupting the generic school functioning, an increasing number of schools are now rethinking ways to use school attendance software due to their ongoing hybrid models.

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