A notice is an announcement or sometimes even a warning of something that is impending. A notice is also a type of notification that notifies about an important event, Fee Management, such as meetings, or events. We have heard the word ‘notice’ mostly in schools and colleges. We have always been informed about any school program, holidays, parent-teacher meetings, examinations, or any kind of inter-school competition or fests through notices. 

There are five types of notices, they are formal, informal, invitation, warning, and public. 

  • Formal Notice: A formal notice is used to inform any official information in a very clear and brief manner. It notifies people about the latest updates on certain topics to keep the concerned people informed. 
  • Informal Notice: An informal notice is used to inform any kind of personal information, such as notices on a class meeting which is informed by writing about it on the class blackboard. 
  • Invitation Notice: As the name suggests, it is used to send invitations to people for gatherings or an event, such as weddings, anniversaries, or any other kind of celebration.
  • Warning Notice: A warning notice usually alerts or warns people about a deadline, warning, legal matters, or last-minute alerts.
  •  Public Notice: A public notice is issued by a Government body, where they share information regarding new government schemes, laws, or general awareness.