online teaching

Teach, Tech and Earn

How about providing lectures and knowledge to millions of students while gaining monetary profits?Yes! Teachers. Through technology, interacting and reaching students can surely be a means to it.Revolutionising educational platforms from four-walled classrooms to internet

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Soft Skills

Why are Soft Skills Important?

What is the Meaning of Soft Skills? Soft skills can be defined as virtues and facets that uphold situational awareness and enhance one’s abilities to get a job done. Soft skills are also interpersonal skills

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online library

What is eduTinker?

It is a collaborative, intuitive online class management tool. Is this what the product is all about? Read to know everything about the online teaching application here! Lately, due to Covid-19, everyone performed jobs from

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Education in Covid-19

How is Education in Covid-19?

The Coronavirus pandemic has almost brought the entire world to a halt. One such sector that has been experiencing a complete standstill right from the beginning is the Education Industry. Education in Covid-19 seems like

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence traces its way back to the year 1956, when at a conference at Dartmouth College, the term “Artificial Intelligence” was coined. This makes clear for all of us that the idea of inanimate

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