Teach, Tech and Earn.

How about providing lectures and knowledge to millions of students while gaining monetary profits? Yes! Teachers. Through technology, interacting and reaching students can surely be a means to it. Revolutionising educational platforms from four-walled classrooms to internet platforms with unlimited reach would be benefiting both, the educators and the learners. Ed-tech platforms are now available, […]

New Roles for Teachers

The role of Teachers has evolved significantly over the decades. Prompted by the advancement of the society at large, revolutions in technology, knowledge and learning, the role of teachers and parents in children’s education has not only grown but has also fundamentally changed. A child’s learning process is no longer restricted to sitting in a desk […]

Gen-Z, are you Stressing Over Your Hypothetical Stressful Situations?

Modern Problems Need Modern Solutions   The Gen-Z have a lot to toss and juggle between their hands thus giving them more reasons to worry and stress. Unlike previous generations, the Gen-Z have been blessed with the gifts of the Internet, Social Media and a boisterous lifestyle. This string of generation is, in most ways, […]

Future of Online Education in Rural India

With the Rapid growth of Advanced Technologies, networks, and Gadgets internet is something that has penetrated deep into the daily lives of people. This has lead to an increase in developing and enhancing content creation and innovation, which in turn has leveled up the EdTech sector of India. 4000+ EdTech startups were launched in India […]

Back to School Post Covid-19

As coronavirus took the world by storm this year, schools in India have been shut-down since March 2020. Students and teachers had to acclimatize to remote learning techniques to continue with course learning through online classes. But now, one of the most challenging and divisive decisions of the coronavirus pandemic is whether to reopen schools […]

Communities Of Exploration and Growth

Community refers to a place where people with common interests and beliefs connect together, sharing a sense of belongingness. How often we see communities, societies, groups, etc. from different parts of the world get connected to represent, reflect and share their ideas of interest globally. How is it possible for them to connect so as […]

Teachers, is E-Learning the Best way to Learn?

A recent survey conducted in New York found that of 2,000 parents 70% now realize, being a teacher is a much harder profession than their own job. In fact, there’s more. With the coronavirus lockdown teachers had to manage both parenting at home and teaching at digital classrooms. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that 77% […]

Emerging Jobs in 2020 and the Skills Required for it.

As India leads the way in the global tech revolution, roles in #technology have ranked as number 1 as the most in-demand emerging jobs in the country. In fact, according to McKinsey, India is the second fastest digitizing economy after Indonesia.   A country with over 50% of its population below the age of 25, […]

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence traces its way back to the year 1956, when at a conference at Dartmouth College, the term “Artificial Intelligence” was coined. This makes clear for all of us that the idea of inanimate objects working for humans to make their lives easier has been around for a long time now. Every sector is […]

How is Education in Covid-19?

The Coronavirus pandemic has almost brought the entire world to a halt. One such sector that has been experiencing a complete standstill right from the beginning is the Education Industry. Education in Covid-19 seems like a fairly challenging and strenuous task, especially for a country like India which has only recently tapped into the digital […]

Why are Tech Enabled Classrooms Better Then Physical Classrooms?

There is no one in the world, who has not been impacted in some ways by ongoing pandemic circumstances. Stress & Anxiety related to employment woes and sickness & the horrific end of human life almost have disrupted the way we use to think & live. Tech Enabled Classrooms have come into light. All is […]

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