Amplitude Modulation

Amplitude Modulation (AM) is a type of modulation technique used to transmit signals via radio waves. It involves varying the amplitude, or strength, of a carrier wave in accordance with the information signal being transmitted. In other words, the amplitude of the carrier wave is made to correspond with the variations in the amplitude of the information signal.

In AM transmission, the information signal is superimposed on a carrier wave, which is then transmitted over the airwaves. At the receiving end, the original information signal can be recovered by demodulating the received signal and separating it from the carrier wave.

AM is widely used in various applications, such as radio and television broadcasting, two-way radio communication, and wireless data transmission. However, it is often considered as less efficient compared to other modulation techniques, School Management System such as frequency modulation (FM) and phase modulation (PM), due to its susceptibility to interference and noise.