Apple App

The Apple apps or Apple applications are available on the Apple App Store. This store is a digital distribution platform where users can download or purchase digital software and applications. The Apps which are bought from the Apple App Store, get stored in a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple known as the iCloud. It allows users to have easy access from any signed-in device. 

Apple’s first App Store was originally intended for iOS, but it was later expanded to provide usage to apps like Macs with the App Store, macOS, in early 2011. 

If we go down to the stage of development of both Apple Store and Google Store applications, we find that according to developers, Admission Management, Google Play Store has a much less tedious approval process than the App Store. Most apps get rejected by the App Store, when they are submitted for the first time, as Apple has several strict and standard rules.  

In conclusion, Apple Apps are curated and significantly better policed. The extensive and expensive process of checks and procedures that Apple developers go through to put up their Apps on the App store, only results in an overall increase in the quality of iOS apps.