Assessment tools

Educational assessment is a tool used to determine students’ attributes in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

Assessment tools are essential in motivating students to learn, providing feedback on their progress, and assessing their level of achievement, whether it’s a pre-assessment, formal assessment, or summative assessment.

When students take an assessment, they learn rather than simply repeating what they have been taught throughout the year. It assists students in determining what they have learned and what they will need to learn in the future. The online assessment tool has transformed the entire educational system, and it helps to save a lot of time.

What are the outstanding features of online assessment tools that should be made available to schools to conduct online student assessments?

Powerful monitoring – It allows schools to closely monitor student activities during exams by using cameras, microphones, and access to the student’s screens.

Unique reports and dashboards – It generates reports based on previous data analysis to assess students’ performance and progress. Besides that, it provides multiple visuals in the dashboard in graphs or charts to analyze the students’ future.

Conduct various assessment patterns  Whether it’s summative, formative, time-based, or self-paced exams, online assessment tools enable schools to create multiple tests and assist them online.

Assessment tools are the most appropriate alternative for students’ pen and paper-based assessments. eduTinker’s assessment tool will enhance the students’ engagement and help them to improve their performance.  learn more about School Management System.