Astrophysics is the branch of astronomy that studies the physical and chemical properties of celestial objects, such as stars, planets, galaxies, and other objects in the universe. It seeks to understand the processes that govern their behavior, their evolution over time, and their relationships to one another.

Astrophysics uses a variety of tools and techniques to study celestial objects, including observations from ground-based and space-based telescopes, computer simulations, and laboratory experiments. It is a highly interdisciplinary field that draws on elements of physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

Some of the key areas of research in astrophysics include the study of star formation and evolution, the structure and evolution of galaxies, the formation and evolution of planetary systems, and the behavior of high-energy particles in space.

Astrophysics has important practical applications as well, including improving navigation and communication systems, predicting space weather events, and advancing our understanding of the universe and our place within it.

Overall, astrophysics is a critical field of study that continues to make important contributions to our understanding of the universe and its components, School Analytics, and promises to have many important practical applications in the years to come.