Balanced Assessment

A balanced assessment is a system in which tools, processes, and data systems help decision-makers like school administrators make better educational decisions. Short-term purposes, benchmarks, and assessment procedures are typically included in a balanced assessment system. Balanced assessments motivate and support learning by demonstrating to students and lecturers that their hard work is being appreciated.

A balanced assessment combines student performance testing regularly with classroom assessments frequently. These assessments are designed to provide students, educators, and regional, state, and federal authorities with information on student learning and academic performance outcomes. A number of tests combine in this system to enhance student’s overall educational experience.

For better outcomes, the balanced assessment method is divided into three main categories: 

  • short cycle assessment
  • periodic assessment
  • large-scale assessment

School Analytics and educational institutions use a variety of assessment procedures to verify that there is no partiality. In the context of balanced assessment, this assessment method can be used for a variety of purposes. However, the balanced evaluation technique may differ depending on the educational field.