Best Teacher

A good teacher can make a significant difference in a student’s life, influencing everything from classroom learning to long-term success. If one is thinking about a career in education or wants to advance her career with a Master of Education (MEd), one should research the characteristics of a good teacher.

According to Economic Policy Institute research, good teachers are the single most important factor influencing student achievement in the classroom, outweighing facilities, school resources, and even school leadership.

According to an AEA study, improvements in teacher quality have a positive impact on everything from the quality of colleges students attend to students’ future salaries, the quality of their neighbourhood, and even their future participation rates.

A good teacher has high expectations for his or her students.  They have high expectations for their students, consistently challenge them to do their best, and are caring professionals who instruct students to believe in themselves.

A great teacher is always friendly, School Analytics, approachable, enthusiastic, and caring. This person is approachable to everyone on campus, not just students. This is the teacher to whom students know they can go if they have any problems or concerns, or even if they want to share a funny story.