BODMAS rule in mathematics

BODMAS is an abbreviation that helps kids recall the order of mathematical operations or how to solve arithmetic problems correctly. The order of operations, or BODMAS, is a sequence for performing operations in an arithmetic statement. Logic is important in math and following a few simple rules helps make our calculations go more smoothly. As a result, BODMAS is one of the basic principles for simplifying multiple-operator expressions.

An expression or an equation in arithmetic consists of two parts:

  1. Numbers
  2. Operators


The BODMAS rule is an acronym that is used to remember the order of operations to apply while solving mathematical problems. 

  • B indicates for brackets
  • O means for order of powers or roots
  • D stands for division, 
  • M stands for multiplication
  • A stands for addition
  • S stands for subtraction

It signifies that expressions with numerous operators must be simplified in this order only, from left to right. We solve brackets first, then powers or roots, division or multiplication (whichever comes first from the left side of the expression), and finally subtraction or addition. learn more about Learning Management System,