Career Counselling

Career counselling is the process of seeking professional intervention by a person to reflect upon their career and other doubts. It is just another section of counselling, like marriage or clinical counselling, where the parties of interest seek intervention about any problem in the domain. 

As people’s culture, ethnicity, and religion vary across the world, there is no defined or worldwide accepted definition for career counselling. 

Whenever people find themselves stuck in making career-related decisions, the future of it, or any problem with making a particular career, they prefer going to career counsellors for help. Career counsellors are trained professionals who help with the process of career counselling. 

Many people remain unaware of such services available and are left away from making the best use of them. With technological advancements, people seek help either through online mode or offline mode. Career counsellors who provide online support can even help people who are very far away. The online services are generally optimally priced. 

Some counsellors help the student find out their interest areas and fields where they can do better. Many others are also responsible for suggesting that students go for higher studies and secure jobs. Few others also provide help to chalk out better career paths professionally. 

The services of counsellors vary as per the region and demand. While it was a less-used service earlier, it is gaining greater prominence these days. learn more about School Management System.