Full form of PCB

The full form of PCB is ‘Physics, Chemistry, Biology,’ and it can be considered an entire stream. Students in the eleventh standard select and determine their streams within a certain class or standard. Students can choose between PCB and PCM, which stand for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. PCB, on the other hand, will be considered a Science stream. Let’s look at an example to better understand it. Consider Science a general concept, with PCB and PCM falling solely under that umbrella term. Whether students choose PCB or PCM, it will still be included in the Science stream. Subjects in the science stream entail aspects of scientific theory and practical concepts. These subjects not only teach students about the physical, chemical, School Management System, and biological elements of the universe, but they also teach them analytical and problem-solving skills. The scientific factor is divided into two branches: the non-medical aspect (PCM) and the medical component (MC) (PCB). Students must choose their major carefully because this decision will affect them for the rest of their lives.