Gifted education- what is it?

Gifted education is a set of special practices and procedures that have been devised for the education of children. These children are generally termed gifted and talented children. Generally, they tend to complete the designated course well before the usual timing, and a comprehensive course taking them through additional topics in the same subject is developed so that their time is utilised properly. India started its first gifted education school in 1968 in the form of Jnana Prabodhini Prashala, Pune, to motivate intelligence for social change. The school has developed a process for admissions through holistic testing, which includes two written papers and an interview. It admits around 80 students every year.

Gifted education is provided to students in different manners: Acceleration (students are promoted to higher classes and levels by skipping grades), colloquium ( advanced material is provided for high school students), cluster grouping (involves clubbing four to six gifted students together in a single classroom for extensions, high-grade learning), full-time separate classes or schools (the one that is followed by India too where the organisation run dedicated program) prepared specifically for the gifted students only, homeschooling (where students are tutored at home on the basis on their ability rather than sending them for formal education)