Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the thinking of an individual regarding their growth in a field based on hard work, Digital Content, perseverance, and input from others. People with a growth mindset tend to grow more in life, believing in progressing their skills. They are often more flexible and take everything as learning to grow better in life. 

The term was coined by psychologist Carol Dweck, who suggested the importance of mindset and approach in handling life challenges. 

There is a stark contrast between an organisation that adopts a growth mindset and one with a fixed mindset. The stakeholders in the former kind of organisation develop more optimistic views and are often happy about the response meted out to them. The latter find themselves trapped in a rat race without much left for personal development. 

A growth mindset is also nurtured once the organisation starts appreciating the hard work or efforts of any person related to them. It motivates them to learn and grow more in the field. Even if the growth is unfavourable, feedback and countermeasures can ensure further progression. Educational establishments like schools and colleges can apply the same concept. Instead of bashing the students for something not up to the mark, feedback can ensure improved performance in a later period. 

A growth mindset is specifically essential for students who need to get away with unwanted or unnecessary expectations of parents and teachers. The focus must be more on personal growth than appeasement.