MA English Program

MA English is one of the highly chosen specialization programs in the Master of Arts. Many graduates opt for this program to pursue their course of MA in English Literature. This program is one of the best at the postgraduate level and takes 2 years to earn. Under this course, the study is related to an amalgamation of ancient and modern English Literature comprising four primary areas-Poetry, Digital Content, Drama, Prose, and Linguistics. The master level of this course is not only limited to the work of English writers; rather, it also contains pieces of creation by writers worldwide. MA English allows students to dive into an ocean of literature from around the world, including Canada, America, Scotland, India, France, Poland, Australia, etc. Since the field of literature is vast, students are required to select electives and choose the area where they want to get the specialization. Moreover, the students learn and understand the political, historical, and cultural contexts of the subject at an advanced level.