BA English Subjects

Cultural studies, English literature, English literary history, contemporary literature, rhetoric, and other topics are covered in the three-year BA English curriculum. Students read about various dramas, novels, and poems from various periods of history in order to debate and discuss the times in which they were written, the author’s motivation, cultural significance, literary acumen, and character depth. Bachelor of Arts is the full form in English. BA English Literature subjects include Shakespeare, Elizabethan Age Literature, Contemporary and Western Literature, Academic Reading & Writing, Admission Management, Research Skills, and Literary Historiography. The BA English Literature curriculum exposes students to socio-political issues, theoretical frameworks, and current research in English literature.

The subjects in the BA English Literature program are divided into six semesters. It includes English language and creative writing, as well as some forms of English literature. It provides a broader perspective of BA in English Literature subjects with an emphasis on each category, allowing us to analyze Literature from various countries.

The program teaches about how writing patterns change over time and how writers established a distinct writing genre through popular movements such as Realism, Post Colonialism, and Existentialism.