English Grammar Tense Chart

The rules in the tense chart help to understand how to correctly use the different tenses in a sentence without making any grammatical mistakes. It also indicates when an event or action has occurred. Students willing to apply for various government exams must go through these tense chart rules, as the English language is an important part of the syllabus for most exams. There are 3 types of tenses-

·   Present tense

·   Past tense

·   Future tense

These tenses are further divided into subparts, including simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. The present tense is an expression in which an activity is currently in action. It is used to state what generally exists or is currently ongoing. For example, Raj speaks German,School Analytics, they speak German, He has learned German, etc.

The past tense explains an event or action that has taken place in the past. For instance, he has run away, Sumit has left the job, etc.

Future tense involves actions or events which take place in the future. For example, I will visit my uncle tomorrow, go to the market tomorrow, etc.