Number Theory in Learning

Also known as higher arithmetic, number theory in learning refers to a branch of mathematics that mainly focuses on studying integers. This theory studies the unique features and relationships between whole numbers. An example of number theory and the types of relationships studied in it includes the square number, like four or nine, which results from multiplying the whole numbers like two or three.

Number theory also contains complex studies into integers, like a study that includes algebra and other branches of mathematics to understand the differences between numbers and their mathematical relationships. For a long time, number theory was usually referred to as ‘arithmetic.’ Today, the number theory involves evaluating the relationships between the integers. For instance, common use of number theory involves the study of prime numbers – those with no positive divisors except from one and exact integer. Also, another aspect of the number theory is the study of real and rational numbers.

Like the other branches of mathematics, the study of number theory also ranges from simple problems related to the relationship between numbers to a range of mathematical problems. The biggest benefit of learning number theory online is that the learner can spend as much as required on a problem, assuring a full understanding of the concept.  learn more about Learning Management System.