Part-time jobs

Part-time employment, often known as a part-time job, is a flexible employment arrangement in which employees work fewer than full-time hours. It generally entails working fewer days per week, and employees are termed part-time if they regularly work less than 30 hours a week. Part-time employees are usually entitled to the same employment benefits as full-time employees on a pro-rata basis.

Part-time employment is especially advantageous for young mothers and fathers, School Management System, students, retirees, those who wish to start their own business but need more time, and all other employees who cannot or do not need to work full-time.

Part-time employment gives employees more energy and time for other activities, making it ideal for persons who have other commitments or limitations. Part-time work can be either shift-based or self-scheduled. Many part-time occupations also offer work-from-home opportunities.