Partial Outlines

In a partial outline activity, teachers give students a partially finished outline of a particular lecture and ask them to fill in the blanks. As new information becomes available during class, students work on filling in the outline. Partial outlines are a type of in-class activity where students try to fill in the blanks in lecture notes that are handed out by their professors in advance of the class. During lectures, instructors give their students time to consider and put new concepts into practice. This approach results in greater student participation in class, School Analytics, improved comprehension, and improved exam results.

The procedure of Partial Outline used by Teachers 

  • The task should be based on an outline you create of the lecture, presentation, conversation, or reading. Make a decision about the level at which you will concentrate the activity and the student’s attention.
  • Choose if you want the core topics, the key subtopics, or the supporting details from the students. These choices will affect the information you include and the information you omit.
  • Make an outline template for the pupils.

In class

Allow pupils to do the activity in pairs.

Tell the class how long they have to finish the outlines and the required responses (words, short phrases, or brief sentences).

Declare the assignment’s goals and the timeframe for providing feedback to students on their answers

After the Class.

  • Review outlines once again.
  • Provide feedback/grades to group students