Self-learning is defined as a technique of gathering information, processing and recalling it without taking any help from another individual. It is the duty of the learner to study and hold on to knowledge gained without the help of other people. It is a modern way of learning that supports a person to teach himself various skills and knowledge that will prove applicable to his daily doings. It has not replaced the instructional learning procedure that has been used traditionally instead has become an additional key that will open the doors of knowledge for every student who is interested in attaining it.

The advantages of self-learning are:

·        you advance other skills in the procedure

·        the learning experience becomes more expressive

·        you grow strong problem-solving skills

·        you get to select your mode of learning

·        learning is led by interest

A self-learning is an emerging form of learning that is supported by the availability of learning resources online. It permits the learner to learn what he wants when he wants, and how he wants. learn more about Learning Management System.