An interactive smart board, also known as an electronic whiteboard, is a classroom tool that allows images from a computer screen to be displayed on a classroom board using a digital projector. The teacher or a student can interact with the images directly on the screen using a tool or even a finger.

Smartboard has revolutionized the classroom setting by putting everything at teachers ‘fingertips. It is one of the biggest leaps in the classroom setting tools for learning. It digitizes everything from PowerPoint content to interactive Learning Management System materials. It reduces the number of devices needed in the classroom setting for effective lectures and connects the classroom with the web. With the 4K display, it surpassed the overhead projector in screen clarity resolution.

Here are some of the advantages that come with the smart board.

  • Increase students’ interaction and team collaboration
  • Promote real-time videos and audio lessons
  • PowerPoint presentation has become second nature in the classroom
  • Erasers and board cleaners are things of the past
  • Paperless lessons which are environment friendly.
  • Promotes hybrid learning
  • Seamless integration with LMS
  • Saves money
  • Eco-friendly


Smart boards are packed with a lot of advantages, but it also comes with a few disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages that come with the smart board.

  • Expensive
  • High maintenance and complex to handle.

Very delicate.

  • Software difficulties and problems.
  • Increases the screen time of learners.