Staff Meeting and its importance

When a group of employees gathers together, it’s called a staff meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss matters that will improve the overall efficiency of the institution. Meetings with the staff have the potential to drag on and on if not managed appropriately. There should be a moderator, an agenda containing subjects for discussion, a set amount of time for open discussion, and a timeframe for each meeting. There are three types of staff meetings, they are as follows.

·   Formal – Consists of limited or fixed time with a pre-planned topic of discussion

·   Informal – It is usually unplanned, and the topic of discussion is random and narrow.

·   Emergency – These meetings are conducted in case of emergency or in case of response to a situation.

Below are the importance of staff meetings.

·   A staff meeting is the optimal setting for brainstorming solutions to these problems. Some employees can have ideas about how to maximize the office’s square footage by moving desks and rearranging cubicles.

·   Staff meetings to motivate employees can be held in conjunction with other types of meetings, such as that disseminating gratitude.

·   Gatherings for disseminating new information are a good way to handle policy and procedure changes. Employees can disseminate information concerning immediate needs.