Student Attendance Register

A student attendance register is one of the most important elements in schools as well as in colleges. It is a register consisting of the names and roll numbers of students in a single classroom. It is used to record the number of students present or absent on a daily basis. This register helps in maintaining the number of days a student is present in a whole academic year and thus helps in counting their attendance percentage. In today’s world, schools and colleges keep very strict rules on students maintaining a high percentage, School Analytics, usually between 80%-90% in schools and 75% in colleges. The attendance register helps in calculating the same and it does help teachers in saving a lot of man-hours, which they can utilize to do more important work.

The student attendance register is very advantageous as it helps teachers in understanding the number of students attending the school each day for a whole year and helps them in finding ways to avoid dropouts.

Hence, student attendance registers are a must in every school and college for the necessity of keeping track of a student’s regularity in the same.