Transfer Articulation

Transfer articulation is a set of agreements between institutions that allow students to transfer from one institute to another. The term ‘articulation agreements’ are commonly held between a college and a school. These agreements aim to provide a seamless transfer experience and include transfer credits, guaranteed admission, academic requirements, and scholarships.

Additionally, transfer articulation permits students to use credits earned in prior programs at one institution for the program at another. This is called course-to-course program-based transfers, and apart from this, transfer agreements also give access to the students to apply for academic credits from undergraduate degrees to postgraduate at another university.  

In other words, an articulation agreement is a partnership between two institutes to access the credits for a degree. Although the basics are alike across all boards, the working of articulation agreements varies based on institutions and states. If a student is uncertain whether the class will accept the transfer, one should consult with an adviser. Every college or institution has its procedure for transfer articulation. Some courses do not accept credits; therefore, a student must communicate with a college adviser. learn more about School Management System,