Unauthorised absence

Unauthorised absence means that the person working in an organisation or enrolled in any organisation takes leave from their duty without reason for leave. There may be times when the organisation tries to reach the person relentlessly, and they cannot reach them. In this case, the organisation is expected to reach the emergency contact as soon as possible. Unauthorised absence is also termed as absence without leave or absence without permission.

At times, the organisation can even take disciplinary actions for such absences or repeated incidents of similar leaves, as the people cannot escape their regular code of duty and leave. The valid reason for leave has to be communicated so that the leave is not counted as an unauthorised absence.

Many established business units and companies have already made a strict code of conduct in the employment policy regarding unauthorised absence to prevent employees from doing this. The procedures related to leaves are written with clarity to avoid any confusion.

Sometimes, any emergency or situation within the family can be misconstrued as unauthorised leave. The organisation should actively look to contact the client, and in case the condition is genuine, there should not be any action against them. learn more about School Management System.