Urban Education

Urban education is the type of schooling that generally occurs in a city or town area that has a varied population to cater to. It includes School Analytics, colleges, universities, and private coaching institutes present in the city. 

The education imparted in the urban area is quite different from the usual educational institution, as it needs to serve diverse people. Besides, there is a change in curriculum, activities, and infrastructure as per the demands.

The bureaucratic complexes involved in urban education are way too much. The educational institutions require clearances from local administration, which gets delayed at times, along with a general request from local leaders or politicians to induct students suggested by them into schools.

With complexity, there are many advantages that urban education has to offer. The quality of education provided is excellent, and students benefit by learning culture from other students and building intercultural relations between all. 

There are three basic kinds of Urban Education-

1. Urban Intensive– They are mainly related to urban areas like metro cities. 

2. Urban Emergent– As the name suggests, they emerge in cities higher in population than large cities. Their curriculum remains almost the same as that of urban intensive. 

3. Urban Characteristics– They are not yet present in the big city; however, they are facing a shift and change in characteristics.