User-Friendly Software

User-friendly software is a technical solution that is easy to use and allows all users to get their jobs done quickly. Such software should be accessible even to a person who is non-technical and serves all the needs and requirements of an organization or a team. However, it should not be expected that the software would not be complex at all, if given in the hands of a complete layman, user-friendly software might appear like rocket science to that person!  

There are certain things a user might look for in user-friendly software, such as:

  • It must be easy to use and has a simple installation and update process. This kind of advantage can be found mostly in cloud-based or on-premises software, where users access all the information from the cloud and no local installation is required. 
  • The operating system of the software must be very efficient. Office workers would want the tedious and repetitive work should be automated by the software so that they can focus on the more valuable tasks.
  • The software must have a security system that meets or better if exceeds the industry standard. Softwares must get the stamp of approval with robust security. It is best to purchase software that has ongoing security updates to keep one’s business processes, Admission Management, and data as secure as possible.

Some of the most user-friendly software are, SkyPrep, Bridge, Litmos, LearnUpon, and eFront.