Video API components

The ability to generate, store and transport video is made possible via a video API, which is an application programming interface.  A video API has the advantage of being totally adaptable, allowing you to create the API for whatever use case you need.

A video API may occasionally concentrate on a single step in the production and transmission of videos. For instance, a video API might only support live streaming. Or perhaps it just converts videos for use elsewhere. An end-to-end video API will comprise the following:


Each live-streaming API has a different set of capabilities. The four main categories of services are storage, distribution, video security, and transcoding. Transcoding involves getting your video ready for transmission..A private CDN (content-delivery-network) made accessible by the API or a partner often handles distribution in a video API. Features that let you make your live streams private or public are key components of video security.

Naturally, storage refers to the process of saving your live streams and other recordings for later watching.

Video on demand 

When a video API supports VOD, it will include features that make watching the video easier, like Your video’s ability to be secured so that it can be shared with the public or private videos with caption support are more widely available and attract more viewers than those without. When content is lengthy enough, arranging it might make it easier for viewers to find the part they want to watch.

Playback of video

Both live streams and VOD (video-on-demand) material benefit from video playback. To enable developers to swiftly include video players in their apps, video players need to be dependable and simple to use.

video recorder


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