What do you mean by typography?

Typography organizes letters and text, making the copy readable, concise, and eye-catching. It includes fonts, style, and formation, Admission Management, to elicit emotions and convey messages. Typography can be traced back to centuries when movable type was invented. Typography was a specialized craft associated with books, magazines, and public works before the digital age.

The Gutenberg Bible was the first example of typography, and it sparked a typography renaissance in the West. Fast-forward to the present day; typography is mostly connected with digital and print design. With the advent of the internet, there was a creative explosion in the field of typography. Web designers suddenly had many font and form alternatives at their discretion, making typography more graphically diverse than ever.

Good typography will create a strong graphic, provide visual stability to the website, and establish the overall tone for the product. Typography should direct and inform your users, improve understandability and accessibility, and provide a positive user experience.