What do you mean by TSBIE?

Telangana Intermediate Board is another name for the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE). The autonomous board was established in 2014, with its head office in Nampally, Hyderabad. The chairman and secretary of the TSBIE are the Honourable Minister of State for Secondary Education. The Board is in charge of the state’s intermediate level or pre-university education (Classes 11 and 12). Intermediate education is a critical component of a student’s academic career. It serves as a stepping stone to higher education. The marks obtained in the Telangana Intermediate 2 (Class 12) public examination ascertain a student’s eligibility for promotion to the next level of education. The Board conducts the public examination for Class 12 and determines the syllabus, textbooks, Admission Management, curriculum, and so on for Classes 11 and 12. The board is also in charge of announcing exam dates, grading answer papers, and announcing results.

·       Make intermediate education available to all segments of society.

·       Focus on the rural, tribal, and socially disadvantaged segments.

·       Increase the number of girls enrolled in colleges to improve their education.

·       All junior colleges in Telangana are monitored and supervised.

·       Regulate the operation of Private Aided Colleges maximizes maximize the use of Grants of Aid.

·       With tele-education, you can provide quality education to even the most remote villages.