What is missionary school?

During India’s colonial era, missionaries opened schools to evangelize the local population, bringing their way of life and values closer to those of the West. The movement began in the 15th century when these institutions became the dominant educational options available. They were well-known until the turn of the twentieth century when other educational systems began to prominence. Public funds occasionally support them. Teachers at these institutions expose students to the potential of the mission of god and provide them with the skills they’ll need to deal with the challenges they’ll face on the job. This gives them the self-assurance they need to go out into the field and do their best as missionaries. While the specifics of the hands-on training each missionary college offers vary, all of them provide their students with the chance to work in the field as missionaries before they graduate. Although Christians cannot have complete knowledge of the Bible, it’s apparent that we already have a working familiarity with its teachings. As an aspiring evangelist, this is of the utmost importance so that you may utilize Bible passages and stories to win others to Christ and answer their questions. their Holy Scriptures. learn more about Learning Management System.