What is teaching aptitude?

Teaching aptitude is the process that addresses people’s needs, experiences, feelings, and specific interventions to help them learn particular things. Interventions generally involve questioning, listening, explaining, giving information, demonstrating a skill or process, testing capacity, understanding, and facilitating learning activities. Every student has their own entity from their aptitude, intelligence, and interest. Under any particular situation, every student will have different perceptions, reactions, and actions to the given issue. Teaching is a social process that influences the behaviors of less experienced students and helps them develop as per the needs of society. Besides, Admission Management, teaching is popularly known as an art and science both. It is a professional activity that involves teacher and student relationships to build and develop the student. It is a system of actions with unique forms. Some common objectives of teaching aptitude are-

·   Structured teaching to stimulate engagement

·   Sufficient learning time devoted to actual teaching

·   Relevance of the teaching content