What is year-round education?

Year-round education is defined as a concept that makes students attend school or college for an entire 12 months in a year. This method replaces the traditional 2-3 months of summer holidays with a shorter, pre-planned break throughout the year. Normally, a year-round calendar works on the 45:15 ratio system where students are needed to attend school or college for a minimum of 45 days, and 15 days are given a break. Students under this method do not receive any Thanksgiving, summer, or Christmas breaks; instead, they are given shorter and more frequent breaks throughout the year. Year-round education offers various benefits to both teachers and students. Teachers can plan their syllabus and class activities without wasting time reteaching the same lessons. On the other hand, students get more time to relax their minds and plan for another lesson. This helps them feel less stressed during their academic preparation. learn more about Learning Management System.