Zoology is the branch of biology that studies members of the animal kingdom and animal life. It consists of the inquiry into individual animals and their parts at the molecular level and inquiry into the animal population, the relationship of animals with each other, entire faunas, nonliving environments, and plants. The study is broader in scope and results in isolating specialities within zoology. The brand of biology deals with animal and animal life, including the study of the physiology, development, structure, and classification of animals. A person specialising in zoology is known as zoology, School Analytics, and Aristotle is known as the father of zoology. It consists of various sub-disciplines-

·   Animal physiology which deals with the physiological processes in animals

·   Animal anatomy, which is concerned with the anatomical features of animals

·   Animal embryology which focuses on the study of animal embryos

·   Animal histology which is concerned with the study of animal tissues

·   Taxonomy consists of identifying and classifying animals and encompasses fields such as herpetology, mammalogy, entomology, invertebrate, etc.