Who is the Rector of the University?

Rector is the academic head of the University and has been elected for three years. They act as an intermediate between the University manager and the students. The main responsibility of the rector is to raise the concerns of the students and university managers. Rectors hold a crucial and influential position in the University Court. Thus, any concern raised through them is taken very seriously. Besides, their job demands them to be active and participate in all meetings. Also, they are provided with certain assistance from clerks and office accommodations on campus. The duty of a rector is particularly focused on representing the student. They must attend meetings and brings their concerns to the attention of the University’s managers to enhance and improve students’ experience. These concerns are related to University policy, School Management System, such as student finance, teaching quality, and campus development. Though the main responsibility lies in being well-informed about the student’s issues, they also bring to light their own or others’ concerns. The rector also attends various even, such as surgery, where the student can discuss the university’s concerns. They are invited to such events as commemoration day, open day, and fresher’s day held by clubs or societies, though their participation is voluntary.