Zoned school district

A zoned school district is a geographic area that has been designated by a local educational authority or school board for the purpose of determining which school a student is assigned to attend based on their residential address. Each zoned school district typically has one or more elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools within its boundaries.

The primary purpose of a zoned school district is to ensure that students attend a school that is closest to their residence, which helps to reduce transportation costs and ensure that students have access to education in their local community. Zoning also helps to balance the student population across schools and ensures that each school has a sufficient number of students to maintain effective educational programs.

Parents and students who live within a zoned school district are typically required to attend the school that is assigned to their residential address. However, some zoned school districts may allow parents to apply for a transfer to a different school within the district based on certain criteria, such as a student’s academic needs or a special circumstance. learn more about Admission Management.