How To Help Your Students Manage Exam Stress And Anxiety?

Manage Exam Stress

Exams always come with a sense of fear and anxiety; students have a lot of preconceived notions like what if the exam is challenging; what if they don’t remember the answers; what if they are not able to finish on time; It may sound minute, but this is the situation of most students. This stress controls them and eats away their mental space.

How can you help your students?

Help Them To Gain Control

One of the main reasons why students face exam stress and exam fear is because of the lack of control that they feel. One of the first things to do is to give them a sense of control. This can be done by allowing them to set feasible targets by asking them to develop their time-tables and self-assessment methods.

Inspire Them

Quite often, students lose hope. When the exams are nearing, a little nudge in the right direction can go a long way. Inspire and help them. The words of encouragement from teachers can make students confident and help in reducing exam stress.

Revision Calendar / Doubt Clearing Sessions

Students always have doubts and queries—schedule sessions where students can come with their doubts and get clearer ideas.

Calming Activities

Exam fear is inexorable. To subsist with exam stress and distract students from the chaos, teachers can conduct various fun activities. They can also meditate and do yoga in the classroom. This will help students to improve their focus.

Restore Belief in Them

“Manifest, and you are halfway there.” Most of the time, they think that they don’t stand a chance and failure is inevitable. Thoughts like these pollute their mental space and induce stress. Restore belief in your students by telling them your own stories, and make them aware that they are not alone.

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