Exam fear

Exam phobia isn’t an uncommon feeling. Many students experience it throughout their academic life. They go through school and college fearing exams and as a result, suffer from lifelong anxiety when faced with challenging circumstances. The mere thought of exams gives them sleepless nights and days filled with anxiety and panic. Exam phobia is the fear of exams. An unexplained, excessive fear of a situation (examinations) leads to avoidance of the situation. This excessive and irrational fear of exams leads to increased anxiety levels in students and worsens without proper help or guidance. 

Exam fear exists due to several reasons. Difficulty in studying, fear of certain subjects, expectations of parents and teachers, lack of confidence, School Management System, and the inability to concentrate increase anxiety and depression in students. 

However, fear of exams can be overcome. It requires setting new habits and changing one’s attitude towards exams to feel less stressed and anxious. Let’s try to understand what examination phobia is, how to overcome it, and how to study without fear.