Exam Fear and how to overcome it?

Exams and fear are synonymous for many children. It’s even true for adults. When exams are nearby, an adrenaline rush sets our fear inside us. Exam fear begins when we get the date sheet until the last day of the exam. Although exams help evaluate one’s knowledge and understanding, they come with the feeling of not failing and disappointing others.

Exam fear is generally a psychological condition where people, especially students, School Analytics, experience stress and anxiety in testing situations. The pressure of testing makes people anxious, which is why they cannot perform at their best. For example, while giving a presentation, a student might freeze before even starting, which he prepared very well.  

Exam stress or fear is commonly caused due to fear of failure, peer pressure, bad experience, under-preparation, high expectations of family and friends, etc. Also, the common symptoms one can find during exam fear includes sweating, anger, negative thoughts, headache, high blood pressure, panic attacks, increased heartbeats, etc. However, certain useful tips can help you prevent unnecessary pressure and stress-

·   Creating a timetable for every subject and following it rigorously

·   Taking required breaks to relax your mind. Go for a walk or do something which is relaxing for you

·   Practice meditation which helps in boosting concentration

·   Eating a healthy diet, keeping you fit mentally and physically