A Positive Learning Environment

A classroom is where students spend most of their time, so it is crucial to foster a healthy learning environment for better results. A healthy and productive classroom environment supports students and encourages them. Many students are held back by the fear of being misunderstood and embarrassed by their mistakes. A positive learning environment helps motivate students and makes them feel seen, accepted, and valued.

Here are some steps that schools can follow to introduce a positive learning environment in their classrooms:

·        Use positive reinforcement

·        Outline classroom rules for positive behaviour

·        Be open to feedback from students

·        Respond with a positive mindset

·        Be updated on educational research

Why is a positive learning environment so important?

A positive environment helps improve the student’s academic performance. It also stimulates the student’s social and emotional security and progress inside and outside of the classroom. EduTinker helps to build a strong classroom community and develop the best learning culture.