A Positive Learning Environment

A classroom is where students spend most of their time, so it is crucial to foster a healthy learning environment for better results. A healthy and productive classroom environment supports students and encourages them. Many students are held back by the fear of being misunderstood and embarrassed by their mistakes. A positive learning environment helps motivate students and makes them feel seen, accepted, and valued.

Here are some steps that schools can follow to introduce a positive learning environment in their classrooms:

·        Use positive reinforcement

·        Outline classroom rules for positive behaviour

·        Be open to feedback from students

·        Respond with a positive mindset

·        Be updated on educational research

Why is a positive learning environment so important?

A positive environment helps improve the student’s academic performance. It also stimulates the student’s social, School Management System, and emotional security and progress inside and outside of the classroom. EduTinker helps to build a strong classroom community and develop the best learning culture.