Android App

An android app is a software application that runs on the Android platform as a typical android app is designed for android smartphones or a tablet running on Android OS. This Android platform is also called an emulator, often referred to as an APK file, which stands for Android Package. This file is a Zip File containing all the app codes, resources, and meta information. Most android apps are uploaded and released on Android Market, This market features both free and priced applications. 

Android apps are written using Kotlin, C++, Java programming language, and Java core libraries. For demo runs, these androids apps are first assembled into Dalvik executables to run on Dalvik virtual machine, which is specially designed for mobile devices. Android apps are usually distributed through Google Play Store, School Management System, which makes it possible for the apps to get installed from APK files or via USB connection in device settings. 

Android apps are really beneficial to us, as they allow us faster operation, and personalized experience, have enhanced user interaction, notify us instantly whenever there is a new update, and provide us with both online and offline capacities.