Anganwadi Teachers

Anganwadi teachers are government-appointed professionals to teach children below the age of five years. It is more or less like a playschool but for the less privileged children who cannot afford to go to private schools or pre-play centres.

The Anganwadi centres play a pivotal role in developing health facilities and implementing government welfare schemes related to women and infants in rural areas of India. They have been constantly involved with the women folks of the rural area and pockets of the urban area, especially in government hospitals, to keep women updated on regular programs so that they can reap maximum benefits for themselves and their children.

Anganwadi teachers generally teach at home, which also helps parents who wake up early and return late from work as their children are taken care of. The education imparted to children is quite basic as per their age and stage. Common things taught by the Anganwadi teachers are – the name of the alphabet, recognising the alphabet, and teaching the names of common vegetables, School Management System, fruits, and animals. The teaching is mostly oral. Many teachers are trained, and few states also pay them on an honorarium basis.