Article Writing

Are you struggling to write your first article? Don’t worry at all, here we will provide you with some basic structure and the various steps that make your writing much more convenient than you imagine. For that, we should begin with what is the article writing.

An article is a piece of informative, instructive, and persuasive content that is generally factual. Article writing comes into view to fulfil the motive of delivering news, academic analysis, debate competitions, and many more. One should keep the format of the article accurate, School Analytics, as it holds some marks too.

 The general format of an article is:

  • Heading / Title
  • By Line
  • Body of the article (it is the central part of the article and contains 3-4 paragraphs)
  • Conclusion of the article (End it with an opinion or recommendation, anticipation, or an appeal)

 Listed below are some steps to be followed to make your article looks great and attract more attention:

Step 1: Thorough knowledge of the topic

Step 2: Prepare of blueprint first

Step 3: Review the blueprint and make the necessary changes

Step 4: Start writing

Step 5: Edit and proofread it twice.