Attendance record management

In schools and universities, keeping track of, storing, and controlling attendance is a common responsibility. Teachers in educational institutions must keep records of their student’s attendance. Keeping track of attendance by calling out names or writing them down on a register is a time-consuming and inefficient activity. As a result, a school needs to invest in an effective attendance management system.

An attendance system records the presence, absence, and even working hours of your students. People tried building an attendance record management system in excel files, and online spreadsheets, and then proceeded to the punching system to better control attendance. However, technological improvements have opened the door for a new and superior method of controlling attendance which is the online automated attendance management software.

An automatic attendance system saves and tracks a student’s status. It keeps track of and displays the status of students, such as whether they are in class or not. Each section may have its own set of login credentials. The majority of these systems rely on facial detection and other recognition algorithms to automatically detect and mark a student’s attendance using a camera or other comparable devices. You will be able to determine whether or not a student is present in class if you use an automated attendance record management system for students. The software may generate reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. You can also check each class’s attendance from time to time.

eduTinker offers an automated attendance record management system that will provide a clear understanding of class attendance, take every student’s automatic attendance, and notify absentees in real time.