B.Ed Syllabus

The B.Ed Syllabus is divided into three sections: Perspectives in Education, Curriculum and Pedagogical Studies, and Field Engagement. The syllabus is designed to raise the standard and quality of education in India. Childhood, adolescence, self-determination, and even contemporary education in India are all covered in the BEd Course syllabus.

B Ed is a two-year program. The First Year B.Ed Syllabus includes subjects dealing with Contemporary India and Education, as well as art pedagogy. BEd Course is essential for students who want to become teachers and pursue a career in academia. The second-year B.Ed syllabus includes subjects such as arts in education, health, yoga, physical education, reading and reflecting on texts, and so on. To become a teacher, candidates must complete a BEd program.

B.Ed Courses are available in a variety of specializations. Each specialization focuses on the student’s chosen subject. Students who prefer commerce should choose the BEd Commerce Syllabus, while students who prefer computer science should choose the BEd Computer Science Syllabus. learn more about School Management System.