Behavioral Theories of Leadership

The behavioural leadership theory is a management theory that assesses leaders based on their actions, behaviours, and management style. This philosophy recommends that all you require to become an influential leader is to embrace a specific set of behaviours. If you want to become a better leader or implement a new leadership style, School Analytics, learning about this theory and the various types of leadership it defines can help. We describe the behavioural theory of leadership, explain its various types, and discuss the behaviours associated with each style in this article. 

According to the behavioural theory of leadership, the success of a business organization is dependent on capable leaders whose behaviours drive their success and work ethics. According to this theory, you can determine what kind of leader someone is by observing and evaluating their actions and behaviours, as well as noting their responses to specific situations. According to this theory, successful leaders are built through learned behaviour rather than being born successful. This leadership theory is action-oriented and heavily relies on assessing leaders’ actions to predict leadership success.