Biometric attendance

Biometric attendance is a type of attendance recording management system where the students directly record their presence by using their fingerprints, and it helps maintain accurate attendance data. There is no disparity in the maintenance of the daily accounts as there is no manual error, and the task is done efficiently.

 In biometric attendance, the student has to give the fingerprint on a device that has a small glass-like plate with light glowing on it. As the student punches the finger, it matches the record of the fingerprint available with it, and if it is successful, then the attendance of the particular student is recorded. 

As the technology has progressed with the use of attendance management system, it has saved time and helped in providing accurate data with efficiency. Here, the marked attendance comes with a time stamp to know when the person marks himself in or out. Other biometric scans, such as scanning the eye, voices, face, etc., are generally used in the school and an organisation.

The process cannot be duplicated because it is difficult and several coordinates have to be mapped.

Some of the features of the attendance management system

  1. Access control,
  2. Fingerprint identification time
  3. Durability and ruggedness

It also reduces malpractices and unwarranted school activities like proxy attendance, where one student marks the student of his absent friend. Data like the scan of fingerprints or iris are very sensitive, so they must be secured to prevent any misuse of the same.